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Learn to paint


Linda is an inspirational teacher and artist. She also has the rare gift of being able to tune into students' individual visions and aspirations, and help them develop the skills and confidence to realise that vision. Whether you are an accomplished artist or a complete beginner, Linda can help you to start painting the way you want to.

Linda is also a great mentor. She has guided me and a number of my fellow students - most of us inexperienced and untrained artists - through successful solo and group exhibitions over the past ten years.

But the best thing about Linda's classes is that they are fun - Linda's great gift to her students is the way she shares her own creative passion and joy in painting.'
Julie Wells

I see things differently now. I see the truth in things. I see colours I couldn't see before. The whole environment is so much richer... You know, what Linda talks about.
Simona Flore

I joined Linda's painting class on a bit of a whim with no previous art experience. The way she structured and taught the sessions, together with her patience, lead me to learn so much and really enjoy myself. I was amazed by what I achieved and really impressed by the paintings done by the other, more experienced students. I would recommend Linda's classes to anyone, no matter whether they had painted before or not.
Philippa Burne